Severe M.E.

These are the severe M.E. pages from InterAction,
the journal of Action for M.E. published 4 times a year

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InterAction Issue 45
A tough act to swallow
Liquid lunch (M.E. style)

InterAction Issue 44
What can local support groups offer the severely affected?
Lessening isolation
Meeting special needs
The all-important newsletter

InterAction Issue 43
Severe M.E.
Beds, Noise and Communication
Support for severe M.E.

InterAction Issue 42
The Road Less Travelled
Why travelling is so difficult

InterAction Issue 41
Cash for Carers
Is Direct Payments for M.E.?
Help coping away from home

InterAction Issue 40
Rethink your wardrobe
Think ahead
Fully Supported Positions

InterAction Issue 39
Janet's miracle - a short story
Introducing REMAP – the ‘designer’ charity
Pain relief through the mind
Relaxation tapes: Six of the best

InterAction Issue 38
Preventing Pressure sores
Do you need special equipment?
Support for carers
A Week of Respite Care at Kingfisher Barn

InterAction Issue 37
Zoë’s Story

InterAction Issue 36
Diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing
Autogenic training
Fully supported resting positions no.3
Relaxation tapes
Under 25? ... AYME Buddy Scheme
25% M.E. Group

InterAction Issue 35
25% M.E. Group questionnaire results
Fully supported resting positions no.2
Home meals services
Readers' tips

InterAction Issue 34
Make the most of your bed
Fully supported resting positions no.1
Extracts from a day in the 'non-life' of a person with severe ME

InterAction Issue 33
Finding someone to fight your corner
What can local M.E. groups offer?

InterAction Issue 32
Travelling show
Installation by Anita Roddam

InterAction Issue 31
Desert island tips for the chronically stranded

Cartoons and photos from InterAction are by various people