Temperature Control

Have extra clothing with you when out, especially a warm light garment such as a fleece. A hot or cold drink or a warm bath can help (see Washing and Drinking). Soak icy feet in a bowl of warm water. If you are well enough, try wearing several layers of thin clothes, as it is more flexible for varying temperature. Two thin pairs of trousers, or long johns and trousers, may be more comfortable than one bulky pair. Use extra covers on the bed if needed, this may enable you to have the window open sometimes for fresh air. Duvets are lighter than blankets. Cellular blankets are warm and lightweight. A blanket can be folded and used over part of your body for localised coldness. An electric oil-filled radiator is very useful for keeping one room warmer than the others. A lot of warmth is lost through the head, so try putting on a soft hat if you get cold in the middle of the night. One person with M.E. keeps a designated kettle next to her bed. She tips water straight from a hot water bottle back into the kettle to be reheated. Wrapping a hot water bottle in a blanket or towels will keep it warm for a while until you need it. An electric or folded paper fan may be of use.

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