Television and Radio

A special filter fixed to the front of the TV screen may make it a bit easier to watch, as may sunglasses. A remote control saves getting up, multi-purpose remote controls can be obtained and also ones with large buttons. If you donít have a TV with a remote control, but you do have a video with one; if you switch your TV to the video channel, you can then change channels using the video remote. Record your favourite programmes to enjoy at your best time of day, watching or listening to it in short sessions if necessary. Using a video enables you to fast forward through the adverts. Some people with M.E. watch television with the sound off (some sports and nature programmes are suitable for silent viewing), although the high-pitched noise may still be too much. Try subtitles on Teletext page 888. Use the mute button if sudden loud patches are difficult. If you are well enough, you might like to hire a video and invite a friend. Friends in different places can hire the same video and talk about it on the telephone. It might be worth buying a film guide in order to select the best films to watch. Many people with M.E. find radio or cassettes easier than television. Some radios and televisions have a timer and can turn themselves off. Other family members may be willing to use headphones when they watch TV if the noise affects you.

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