A bed, mattress (on a ground sheet) or sun-lounger set up outside may enable you to enjoy some fresh air for a bit (see Light Sensitivity; Noise Sensitivity; Stairs; Walking; Wheelchairs). Here are a few ways to experience the great outdoors inside: ask people to bring autumn leaves, conkers and fir cones; a bit of snow, hail or ice; or a shell or pebble if they visit a beach. Spend time looking at a photograph or painting of a landscape, a postcard or a picture book. Some relaxation tapes use imagery and recording of appropriate soundscapes and can provide an atmospheric background to a picture of the sea, a wood or a rainy day. Use nature programmes on TV or radio. Grow some seeds (with help) on windowsills, and ask a friend or relative to plant them out. If you grow bean sprouts or cress, you can eat them as well as watching them. Flowers are nice if you’re not allergic to them. You may be able to ask someone to bring a snail, ladybird, worm or caterpillar to visit.

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