Two in one shampoo and conditioner reduces the amount of washing to be done, or just use shampoo. Diluting shampoo with warm water makes it lather up more easily. An energy saving technique for washing hair is to sit on your bath/ shower seat, bend forward and lean your arms and the weight of your upper body on your thighs. This way you can reach your head without having to hold your arms up. If you wash your hair in a shower, do it first so that it can be rinsing while you get washed. Dry shampoo can be sprayed on to hair and brushed out, making unwashed hair look a bit more presentable. Try rubbing flour into greasy hair as a dry shampoo. Alternatively, just wash the fringe, and perhaps tie it back if you have long hair. Short hair is easier to wash. Having someone else wash your hair saves energy; donít deny yourself the pleasure of clean hair for the sake of false pride; even healthy people have help at the hairdresser. There are several designs of trays to enable an assistant to wash hair more easily at a sink or in bed. The ones for use in bed can be solid plastic or inflatable. Ask an Occupational Therapist, who may be able to provide one, or buy one privately from a disability catalogue. Another method which you may find less uncomfortable than using a tray is to lie on your front with your head over the edge of the bed. Place a pillow under your chest with plastic on it so it wonít get wet. Put plastic on the floor and a big bucket on the floor under your head. An assistant can then pour water over your hair with a jug. A hair dryer can be stuck in a toothbrush and mug holder so that you only need to move your head when drying and donít have to hold up the dryer, but donít use electrical appliances in the bathroom. Leave hair to dry naturally to save energy, putting a towel on your pillow or round your shoulders. It is quite possible to live happily without having a hair-wash at all. Some hairdressers do home visits. If sitting up to have it cut is a problem, have a style that will look fine if it doesnít get cut for a while. It may be worth pacing a hair cut by having a short rest halfway through. You could ask the hairdresser not to chat and to place more importance on speed than perfection.

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