If you have difficulty answering the door, consider getting an intercom. This is also good for security purposes. You might like to give a front door key to some friends or neighbours. An automatic door opener has a buzzer and speaker grille by the front door connected to a ‘phone’ by the bed. You can speak to the visitor and then press a button, which releases the door catch, if you want to let them in. If you sit or lie in other rooms sometimes, you can have more entry phones fitted there too. It is also possible to have a switch fitted in the phone to enable you to turn the buzzer off when you do not want to be disturbed. There is another type of lock, where visitors can let themselves in if they know the code. However, this type doesn’t give you as much control over who enters your home. If you choose a combination lock, make sure you change the number initially as all locks of that model come fitted with the same code. Both these locks may be available through an Occupational Therapist.

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