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Your chance to raise funds in memory of Carli Barry

Musician Trevor Williams knows what M.E. can do, his sister Zoë has had severe M.E. for most of his life. Deeply moved after reading InterAction’s winning poetry competition entry ‘Still Friends’ by Carli Barry in issue 42, Trev decided to put her words to music to raise funds for AfME. As well as the song ‘Still Friends’, his three-track CD includes a calming piece of music to still the mind called ‘So peaceful’, and another ballad, 'Do you miss me?’ with vocals by Hannah Nicholson.

Carli’s mum Sheila explains: ‘My daughter’s poem tells of the devastation she felt at the loss of a friend and the isolation of being cut off from the “world that she once knew”. It highlights just how important friends can be to those suffering from M.E…

‘Carli died, by her own choice, on her 27th birthday. If in some small way her poem has helped to make a difference, we will not feel that she has died in vain. She is greatly missed but we respect her decision.’ (Carli is left in the photo)

To buy a copy of the CD for just £5 including postage and packing, visit or send a cheque payable to 'Trev Williams' to Trev Williams Music PO BOX 2894, FARINGDON, SN7 8WT, ENGLAND
Still Friends - audio clip

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The M.E. Tips Collection was published 2002