Activities at the M.E. Respite Care Week
at Kingfisher Barn

Please ask if you feel like doing something on this list – just buzz and we’ll see if we can arrange it. Don’t wait for someone to offer as we don’t want to tempt people to do too much. It might be worth saying how long you expect to spend doing something, simply because there’s a big difference between 5 minutes and an hour. Please say as soon as you need a rest. Most of the activities can be in your room or in the barn (if it won’t disturb others).

Activity When
Sunday will be a quiet day . If you are up to chatting you can go in the barn or ask if someone could come to your room. Sunday
Flute In the barn. Emma will play fairly short pieces, with gaps in between for a brief rest and so that people can leave easily when they’ve had enough. Monday 11.15am
Flute (in your room if neighbours are well enough – we’re not sure how much the sound will carry) Sunday or Monday
Visit from a dog Monday 2 – 3pm
Visit from a bat Tuesday 11am
Shared silence Tuesday 7.30pm *
Holy Communion(in your room) Tuesday afternoon Thursday afternoon Friday morning
Guided relaxation Wednesday 10am *
Visit from an African Grey parrot Wednesday 4pm
Local Media ** Thursday from 10 am
Papier Mache - either using your own arms some/all of the time; watching/instructing; or asking Lyn to make something for you if you’re too ill to watch. Thursday afternoon
We may have some photos to look at on Friday. You can order prints (50p each) Alternatively, we can choose a selection of the best for you to buy (write/ring before the end of May and say how many photos you’d like). Friday
Holy Communion (in the barn with others) Friday 11.15am
Shared silence Friday 4.30pm *
Hand massage (not professional) Tuesday after 8pm
Wednesday morning
Saturday 12th May

* Helen is around on Friday and Saturday 12th, and also on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. If she’s free, she can also do shared silence or guided relaxation with you in your room then.

** (If any journalists come). We will ask those of you who said you might speak to a journalist , whether you’re well enough and how long you can manage.

Activities at more flexible times

Activity When
Assisted shower / bath / wash Any time (as long as someone is free of course)
Lava lamp (silent thing to watch) Any time – takes about an hour to heat up
Helping Zoë B with her art project – Having your caricature drawn Any time
Star Gazing After dark! Cloud permitting
Going in the pool Ask to arrange a time
Craft Any time
Outing to river *** Ask to arrange a time
Leaflets Any time (see Equipment sheet for list)
Massage Flexible – arrange with Gill. She will be around often but not all the time
Reflexology/foot massage Flexible – arrange with Gill. She will be around often but not all the time
Temporary Tattoos (not suitable for sensitive skin) Any time
Trying out equipment e.g. powered or reclining wheelchair (for complete list see separate sheet) Any time

*** Option 1- 1 1/2 miles (10 minutes) in a car then a short walk/wheelchair ride to a small river where you can feed ducks. You can see the Thames from here from a distance, or for a better view follow the path by the poplars for about 400 yards. To get next to the big river would involve going across waterlogged grass.

Option 2 – closer but may not be wheelchair accessible as the grass is waterlogged. Two minutes in a car then walk 100 yards across grass; then a path (with option of wheelchair) next to river Thames.

Zoë and Pat Williams